Farwaniya Hospital organizes event to educate on ENT issues in Down Syndrome

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Down Syndrome kids prone to recurrent respiratory, ear infections

Farwaniya Hospital’s ENT head leads the initiative for the Down Syndrome community.

KUWAIT CITY, June 10: Dr. Ahmed Al-Rashidi, head of the Ear, Nose, and Throat Department at Farwaniya Hospital, is hosting an awareness and entertainment event today at the Kuwait Down Syndrome Society. The event, which runs from 5 PM to 8 PM, aims to educate the public about common ENT issues associated with Down Syndrome, reported Al-Jarida newspaper.

Dr. Al-Rashidi highlighted that individuals with Down Syndrome often face specific ENT challenges such as narrow auditory canals, middle ear fluid, chronic ear infections, vocal cord issues, delayed speech, and narrow upper airways leading to sleep apnea. He emphasized that children with Down Syndrome are particularly susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections, which can result in chronic ear problems due to their facial structure.

Dr. Al-Rashidi explained that respiratory tract obstructions and sleep apnea in Down Syndrome patients can stem from various causes, including central breathing cessation, muscle weakness, upper airway narrowing, large tongues, enlarged tonsils, and increased nasal secretions. He noted that ENT specialists are crucial in determining whether patients need sleep studies or surgical interventions.

This news has been read 567 times!

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