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Family to Work Visa transfer

My husband is working in Kuwait. I am his wife coming to Kuwait through family visa. I am post-graduate in India. So my doubt is can I work in Kuwait by transferring my family visa to work visa. So how many months will I wait to transfer my family visa to work visa. Suggest to me what procedure I should follow to work in Kuwait.

Name withheld

Answer: Under Kuwait Labour Law, it is possible to transfer your family visa to a work visa. Indeed the law says that to effect this transfer one has to be in Kuwait for at least one year, unless the applicant is a university graduate in which case the one year residency requirement is waived. Being a post-graduate, therefore, you can look for a job immediately you land in Kuwait and when you get one all that you will need is a release from your husband as the sponsor so that the company which offers you a job could apply for a work permit for you.

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