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Friday , September 17 2021

Fake police attempts to kidnap Korean woman in Salmiya

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 11: Police are looking for an unidentified police impersonator for allegedly attempting to kidnap a Korean woman, reports Al- Rai daily.

According to the complainant she was walking along a street in Salmiya and the suspect flashed his ID and said he is a CID man and demanded to see the woman’s Civil ID.

Although the ID was valid, he demanded that she get into his vehicle and said he wanted to take her to the area police station. After she obliged, she discovered she was a victim of kidnap and tried to resist him.

At this point the man pulled out a knife and put it to her face. As she struggled to set free, the man was involved in a collision with another vehicle and the woman got out of the car when the suspect was arguing with the driver of the other car.

She then ran to the Salmiya Police Station and filed a complaint against the man and gave police the car plate number of the suspect. Police records show the owner of the car is not a policeman. He is being sought by securitymen

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