‘IS exploiting Islam’ – True enemies of religion

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I have a conviction that the fiercest enemies of Islam are not the liberals and their secular partners, nor the atheists and their frenzied followers because they have never had a problem with any ideology at all.

The enemies of Islam during the modern era are the ‘callers’ and the politicians themselves. The faith has been abused through their actions by dozens of organizations similar to the Islamic State or the so-called ‘DAESH’. This is inconceivable and unimaginable.

The manner in which one such group ruled Egypt for a short time, considered one of the blackest periods in history, and what the affiliates of this group did in other countries, is crystal clear — the damage done to the doctrine because of their foolishness and their determination to impose ideas that are unsuitable for implementation during the modern era. The damage is greater than the usefulness of such ideas.

The insistence of the majority of religious leaders on the basis of their religious ideas is rigid, and do not accept the interpretation of their texts. It is dangerous and transforms believers into future terrorists that are no different from the extremist ideological movements known as the world of Nazism and Fascism, and to what some fools claimed they are superior and sublime in terms of race or ethnicity than the others.

If political Islam were to govern Egypt or any other part of the world, its leaders would not hesitate to discriminate between groups of people on a religious basis, while sanctifying their inhuman acts, and making believe their followers that they would go to paradise if they fought with the others (infidels), which is what religious fascism means.

For example, Mehdi Akef, a former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Leader in Egypt, said: “I prefer a Malaysian Muslim as president of Egypt to an Egyptian Christian Copt.” Another Brotherhood leader, Mostafa Mashhour, demanded that the Copts should be dismissed from the Egyptian army and that they should pay tribute to the State, forcibly.

The Copts are the original inhabitants of Egypt and the builders of its ancient civilization. Worse still, discrimination in political Islam is not only against other religions, but it also exists between doctrines within the same religion and by the same force.

To achieve this fascist policy, political Islam is working to turn its followers into explosive devices to kill as many innocent people as possible because of religious and sectarian discrimination in order to instill the terrorist psychology into the minds of the people.

They have succeeded in linking the name of Islam to terror and terrorism, and in their terrorism they rely on their understanding of specific religious texts.

Thus, all reputable religious institutions are very hesitant to attribute infidelity to the terrorist killings, bombing and destruction of the property of Muslims and others, the killers of the children under the pretext that those who carry out these operations are Muslims and have already said there is no God but Allah, and Mohammad (PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah (the two basic witnesses to be a Muslim), therefore they cannot be considered as infidels.

Those who are not recognized as infidels have broken the backbone of religion, and killed tens of thousands and the losses are in billions. Mosul in Iraq alone needs $40 billion to repair the devastation caused by criminals. This is in addition to turning nations such as Syria, Afghanistan and other cities of Iraq into ruins. In the face of this dozens of Arab, Muslim and Western countries and others have provided us moral support.

The fatwas on takfir and killing issued by radical clergymen have contributed to the intensification of extremism. Hence we call to separate religion from politics so that the clerics cannot play a dominant role.

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By Ahmad Al Sarraf



This news has been read 13800 times!

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