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I’m a British national working in Kuwait since 2014, I don’t fully understand how things work yet and I genuinely hope you can assist me in understanding the situation. I’ve been working for this company for 1 year and 7 months, and I have not taken my annual leave. I needed some urgent money for medical purposes, I asked my company to calculate the amount I’m owed and issue it to me in the next payment.

They agreed. Following their calculations they told me that it’ll be KD 1,892/-. Which is great (that’s what I was owed for the 1 year and 7 months in accumulated leave days), however, when this money was paid into my bank account (on Dec. 26th) no salary was paid for the month of December. They only transferred the annual leave money (which was calculated and agreed upon … Why did they not pay me my salary for December? Do they owe me December’s salary? Your advice is and will be highly appreciated

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Answer: If you worked for the month of December 2019, the company is obligated to pay you for that month irrespective of whether they paid you for your unused leave days or not. The only time that you will not be paid a salary is when you don’t work in a particular month when you are on leave. The company has the right to compel you to go on leave after you cash your leave salary or to allow you to continue to work and in the latter scenario you have to be paid for the month or months you worked. If you are sure that you worked for the whole of December, then the company owes you one month salary which you must bring to its attention.

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This news has been read 17244 times!

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