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Expats opt to enroll children for online classes from their countries due to low costs

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 4: Since the teaching process in Kuwait has become online, a number of expatriates have registered and enrolled their children in the schools of their countries in order to avoid paying large tuition fees in Kuwait and other expenses that follow.

They explained that this step taken by some expatriates to enroll their children in the schools of their countries will reduce their expenses. They believe it is unreasonable to pay full tuition fees in Kuwait if their children do not have access to other services related to sporting, social and cultural activities, which students will be deprived of since the entire teaching process is now being conducted online.

The sources said the tuition fees to be paid to private Arabic schools in their countries do not exceed KD 50, while registration fees in foreign schools amount to approximately KD 200.

They indicated that parents will continue in this way if distance education continues in the current state, reports Al-Anba daily quoting informed sources..

The sources stressed that this sudden trend of parents enrolling their children in the schools of their countries or schools in any other Arab countries will have a positive impact on them, affirming that the only losers from such a step which was not taken into account earlier prior to making decisions in this regard are the owners of private schools whose significant number of students would opt to register in other schools that are significantly cheaper compared to the schools in Kuwait.

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