Expats’ Health Service Fees Could See Uptick

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 10: The Health Affairs Committee deferred its decision on addressing medicine scarcity in Kuwait, aiming to review gathered information for subsequent recommendations to the National Assembly.

Parliament sources informed AlSeyassah/Arab Times that Ministry of Health statements’ have been somewhat inconsistent, acknowledging medicine shortages. On one hand, the ministry acknowledged the existence of medicine shortages due to factors beyond its control, such as disruptions in the global supply chain and raw material deficiencies. On the other hand, the committee seeks a more nuanced description of the situation, refraining from the term “shortage.” The Ministry views the issue as an inability to meet patients’ medication requirements, either with the primary drug or its alternatives. This stands in contrast to the Ministry’s assertion of having a secure strategic stockpile of drugs.

Ministry of Health is committed to enhancing drug security through diversifying sourcing, minimizing potential interruptions from international circumstances. Efforts to reduce medicine wastage include automated linking and new fees for expatriate medicine distribution.

The Ministry clarified ongoing health challenges result from global supply chain disruptions, not just medicine shortages. Global factors include supply chain interruptions, raw material scarcities, and COVID-19 repercussions.

Review of fees for existing health services for expatriates could potentially lead to actual fee increases. This evaluation is pending the commencement of operations for the “Daman” hospitals and the implementation of the health insurance law for visitors. This law includes a reevaluation of insurance costs for continuous services within the government sector.

Health Insurance Hospitals Company (Daman) completed infrastructure for health facilities, set to establish hospitals and primary healthcare centers, enhancing the sector’s capabilities. CEO Thamer Arab highlighted Al-Jahra Hospital’s significance in advancing healthcare infrastructure.

This news has been read 15225 times!

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