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Expat workers ‘fear’ for their livelihood, congestion increases in one area

Some garage owners may go bankrupt

A Garage in Shuwaikh

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 11: While waiting for the implementation of the directives of the Council of Ministers to find alternative sites for garages and shops in the Eastern Industrial Area in Shuwaikh, a number of workers have expressed their fears saying it will only increase congestion in one area and affect their livelihood, reports Al-Rai daily.

The workers told the daily the transfer of workers from east to Shuwaikh means an increase in the number of workshops in the area, which will result in increase of repair services offered and stiff competition and lower the cost of repair.

One of the workers stressed congestion will increase, because the motorists will find only one option in front of them – the Shuwaikh Industrial Area stressing some companies have plots in each of two areas.

He stressed the prices will fall significantly after the movement of garages to the east of Shuwaikh, in spite of the increasing demand for repairs and some owners of garages may even go bankrupt.

Another worker said congestion already exists and the transfer process will only add to the woes. Meanwhile, yet another worker lamented the lack of a traffic signal on the Abdulaziz Fahad Al-Masaeed Street (formerly Canada Dry) saying the workers find it difficult to cross to the other side on the road which is always busy with traffic.

He said the rents for workshops in Shuwaikh are 3,000 dinars on an average, which he called very high. He also talked about the lack of public toilets which leads some to use the restrooms of mosques.

The Shuwaikh Industrial Area is the most preferred place for vehicle owners, not only because spare parts of all kinds are available ‘under one street’, but because of skilled technicians also, said another worker.

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