Expat terminations in thousands – More to come

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KUWAIT CITY, April 29: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has terminated 6,127 non-Kuwaitis working in government agencies as part of the ‘Kuwaitization’ plan and this number is expected to increase to 7,970 by the end of this year, reports Al-Rai daily. Director of the Job Arrangement Department at the CSC Aisha Al- Mutawa told the daily that 6,127 non- Kuwaiti employees in government agencies were terminated during the first three years of the replacement plan approved in 2017. She added a total of 1,840 non-Kuwaiti employees will be terminated in the fourth year (current year) of implementing the plan.

Al-Mutawa disclosed the number of Kuwaiti employees in government agencies affiliated with the CSC – excluding the military, judiciary and oil sectors – is about 308,000 while the non-Kuwaitis are about 71,000 including 31,000 medical staff in the Ministry of Health; 24,000 teaching staff the Ministry of Education; and 6,000 service workers and those with simple jobs such as messengers, mandoubs (company representatives) or drivers. She added that only 9,000 out of the 71,000 non-Kuwaiti employees have remained and they are distributed to 16 job categories like engineering, legal, accounting and science jobs.

She affirmed the replacement policy also applies to them; stressing that these 9,000 employees constitute only three percent of the total number of Kuwaiti employees in government agencies affiliated with the CSC. She revealed the number of Kuwaitis employed in the CSC reached 917 compared to 37 non- Kuwaitis, indicating only four Kuwaiti consultants are employed to carry out studies and research that CSC needs. Two days ago, the CSC released the list of required and unwanted specializations. Certain specializations are registered in the CSC’s system and the same applies to the Ministry of Education, she concluded.

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