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Expat acquitted in quarter million KD cash case – ‘Salon owner not guilty’

KUWAIT CITY, July 4: The Misdemeanor Court has acquitted an expatriate of betrayal of trust in a financial case involving quarter million Kuwaiti dinars. Lawyer for the expatriate, Attorney Fahad Al-Hadiyyah, argued that his client is suffering from cancer which incapacitated him physically and financially. He said his client asked for financial assistance from donors, including the plaintiff. Al-Hadiyyah disclosed the plaintiff issued two cheques amounting to KD250,000 under the name of his client’s wife due to some obstacles which prevented issuance of the cheque under his client’s name. The lawyer added his client acknowledged the debt in the interest of the company which the plaintiff represents, instead of repaying it to the plaintiff’s account. He pointed out the case filed against his client lacked elements of crime since there is no criminal intent, let alone the absence of evidence. He added the case is malicious, fabricated and unsubstantiated.

‘Not guilty’: The Criminal Court of Cassation overturned the verdict of the Appeals Court that upheld a previous ruling by the Court of First Instance to fine the owner of a popular salon KD300 for expressing readiness to supply tattoo tracing paper just to change her mind later. The court thereby acquitted the defendant of all charges. Apparently, the plaintiff lodged a complaint against the defendant saying they reached an agreement for the latter to provide her tattoo tracing paper for KD150 but the defendant stopped the supply after two days due to inability to provide the requested color. She continued to make unfulfilled promises to get the right color for her but kept procrastinating, and it became difficult for the plaintiff to meet up on the last appointed date because her car broke down. During the cross examination, the salon owner explained that she supplied the requested material for the first time and gave the woman an appointment to come for the requested color at a particular date but she failed to show up. Lawyer Yousef Al-Tamimi argued that her client did not commit any crime that warrants an indictment, stressing the court was misled to believe that her client was at fault.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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