Ex-MPs lash out at those who ate their words

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‘One vote system produced corrupt Parliament’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 21: During a meeting held at the Diwaniya of former Speaker of the National Assembly, Ahmed Al-Saadoun and former MPs Khalid Al-Sultan and Abdullatif Al-Omair lashed out at those who ate their words, reports Al-Rai daily.

The trio said those who had vowed to boycott the elections went back on their promise, contested the polls and returned to the National Assembly. They cheated the people, one because they did not live up to the expectations of the promises given to the people and two they are supporters of the government and defending the head of the government.

Al-Saadoun, Al-Sultan and Al-Omair said they will continue to boycott the National Assembly elections until the electoral system is amended and the one-man-onevote cancelled which has placed all the powers of the country under the umbrella of one authority — the government. Al-Saadoun added some of those who took part in the elections were former boycotters and they were not seeking reforms, but their agenda was different which has become crystal clear to the people of Kuwait. Al-Sultan considers the main problem is the one vote system which has produced a corrupt Parliament and what he called the political money.

He called for correcting the economic path through the private sector owned by the Kuwaitis with the participation of foreign investors. He pointed out in 2026, “we will have 400,000 jobless citizens if the economic situation in the country continues to deteriorate and is not kept in check. Al-Omair said the MPs rewarded the government by helping reinstate the revoked citizenships and extended immunity to other ministers not only the Prime Minister. He noted, many of those who “were with us and demanded change have failed the people and are now satisfied with defending the Prime Minister or rather become the defense wall.”

This news has been read 10504 times!

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