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Saturday , November 26 2022

Ex-MP had Sex … and forgot – Ordered to pay marital compensation

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 13: The Court of Appeals obligated a former MP to pay compensation worth KD 107,000 to his ex-wife for the material and moral damages she sustained after he denied their marriage and refused to authenticate the contract. Lawyer Maryam Al-Bahar, the defense counsel of the woman, had filed a lawsuit in which she asserted that her client sought help from the defendant, when he was a member of the National Assembly, for a transfer from her job, as he was a well-known MP and had relations that qualify him for that purpose.

However, she was surprised when he repeatedly offered to marry her, insisting that her request will not be granted until they are married. The defendant then married her client under a legal marriage contract in 2016 with a dowry of KD 5,000 in the presence of two witnesses and under the guardianship of her son. Lawyer Al-Bahar indicated that the first clause of the contract included an affirmation that the contract is a legal marriage contract. She explained that her client’s acceptance of the contract came after the defendant promised her to document it.

However, after he achieved his purpose and desires by cohabiting and having sex with her, he denied the marriage and the contract, out of fear of his position in society as a famous member of the National Assembly, as well as out of fear of his tribe and his first wife. By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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