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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Evening shift necessary in maternity care clinics

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‘No shortage of personnel in Jahra Hospital depts’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov10: Maternity care clinics are witnessing a great turnout in most health areas, as they receive pregnant women and follow them up throughout the months of pregnancy, carry out postpartum follow-up, offer medical advice regarding treatment for infertility, provide childbearing assistance, and family planning methods, treating diseases, and offer gynecological and other health services, reports Al-Qabas daily. What has added to the importance of these clinics recently is the request of the health authorities to reduce congestion and mixing and for patients not to visit public hospitals unless necessary due to the dangerous health repercussions of COVID-19 virus on some groups such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases, those with risk factors, and mothers in particular.

Therefore, the availability of maternity clinics in health centers is necessary to provide services and advice to women especially mothers without the need to visit the hospital. According to observers, there are decisions that need to be reviewed, as maternity clinics operate on two shifts in most centers in health areas, except for Jahra area.

After a decision was issued in March 2013 to limit their work to the morning shift only due to various reasons, it caused pressure on the doctors in the clinics during the morning shift. This is in addition to a number of mothers resorting to visiting Jahra Hospital in the evening and the occurrence of congestion among the visitors in the emergency departments or even clinics. In addition, there are Kuwaiti women who work during the morning shift in various ministries and government agencies. It is therefore difficult for them to ask permission to visit the clinics, which may cause harm to them in terms of job performance.

It is necessary to keep up with these challenges by resuming work in the maternity clinics in the evening shift in the Jahra Health Zone, in light of the fact that the population in the governorate also increased during the past few years. In case the evening shift is resumed, this will relieve the pressure faced by the medical staff working during the morning shift in the clinics of Qasr, Naeem, Taima, Waha, Naseem, Ayoun, Jahra, Saad Al Abdullah and South Sulaibiya health centers. This pressure also extends to doctors in the obstetrics, gynecology and emergency departments of Jahra Hospital, especially with the existing COVID-19 crisis repercussions.


These clinics are considered to protect mothers and reduce the complications in their pregnancy and the risks they are exposed to, either before or during pregnancy or at the time of delivery. This is to ensure better health for mothers and their children, which will positively affect the children’s health in the later stages of their life. It also aims to reduce the pressure on hospitals and make things easy for the sick because of its proximity to citizens’ homes.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health confirmed that work in the Women, Obstetrics and Anesthesia departments at Jahra Hospital is proceeding as usual with the implementation of various precautionary measures and protocols, affirming there is no shortage of medical personnel in these departments, reports Al- Rai daily. Speaking to the daily, Director of the hospital Dr Ali Al-Mutairi said the number of coronavirus cases among the frontliners at the hospital has been considered within the normal limit since the beginning of the pandemic.

He denied the rumor about the increasing number of cases among doctors and nurses in the abovementioned departments. He confirmed that the hospital immediately takes the necessary precautionary measures every time an infection is discovered, in coordination with the Infection Prevention Department. He said the corona cases among the pregnant women were referred to the obstetrics and gynecology departments of the hospital after the 20th week.

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