Erdogan stones his glass house

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

SINCE a reckless person does not take into account the consequences of his actions, he soon becomes a victim of his own recklessness. This principle applies to the decision-maker of Ankara who has been throwing stones at people while his house is built of fragile glass. That is why Turkey hardly emerges from a crisis before falling into another one that is more serious than the previous one.

Since the year 2011 when Turkey rendered the Muslim Brotherhood Group into its spearhead for executing its mission to dominate the Arab world, it became more like a person who mines a field on which he runs.

From that point, Turkey tried to take Egypt into its protectorate through the “Brotherhood” which took control of the power after the Jan 25 uprising. Soon after, the Egyptians decided to get rid of the Brotherhood rule and its evilness.

Since the reckless one did not learn lessons, Ankara deliberately provoked the Gulf Cooperation Council countries because of their support of the Egyptian people. On this basis, Ankara made up a crisis with Riyadh concerning the issue of the late Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination despite knowing that the Saudi leadership had nothing to do with it.

In fact, the Saudi King Salman and the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman described the assassination as a “hideous and reprehensible crime”, but the reckless one continued spilling a series of lies in this regard.

Turkey was not done yet, as it tried to blackmail the European Union by threatening to open its borders to illegal immigrants from Syria and other countries. At the same time, it tailored a crisis with Greece and Cyprus in connection with oil exploration in the Mediterranean basin, followed by downing a Russian warplane.

To make matters worse, Ankara set fire to its relations with the United States of America by procuring Russia’s S-400 missile system. All this happened while it was fully involved in the Syrian crisis through its constant quest to convert Idlib into an isolated area for harboring terrorist groups that it supports.

After issues became tough, Ankara tried to tamper with Libya by sending Syrian mercenaries and terrorists from all over the world, and delivering weapons and ammunition.

It adopted the Libyan government of Fayez Al-Sarraj, which is a hardcore “Brotherhood” government, and then tried to market it to some Arab countries including Qatar with hope that Doha would dedicate its wealth in funding Al-Sarraj’s government.

However, disappointment is what Ankara got.

It is said that one of the Turkish pashas held a party where the host and guests were entertained by a singer. The pasha was very impressed by the performance of the singer.

This prompted the singer to believe the pasha’s admiration of him puts him in a position to ask for whatever he wanted. So at the end of the party, the singer asked the pasha for a favor, which was a real-estate, and the host gladly accepted.

However, the next day when the singer returned to collect the favor, the pasha told him, “Yesterday the words in your songs made us happy and in return, we responded to your request with words which would make you happy.

However, we do not have estates to distribute to singers”.

Based on information regarding his visit to Doha, Al-Sarraj said words that were pleasing to his host, and in return he heard words that pleased him. This is something that Ankara wouldn’t accept after betting on Doha to support Al-Sarraj.

Ankara has also lost this bet, and now it is like a drowning man looking for a straw to clutch, after the series of condemnation regarding the Armenian massacre intensifies, which has become a new crisis added to the basket of the previous crises. The number of countries denouncing this condemned massacre reached 40, including the major countries, which leaves Ankara in a position where it has no glass left to shield itself from future altercations.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 19604 times!

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