ENT specialist warns against the use of cotton buds to clean ears

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KUWAIT CITY, March 9: The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist at Dar Al-Shifa Hospital Dr Rashed Al-Duwaila warned against the use of cotton buds to clean ears, insisting that it can result in dangerous problems such as damage to the eardrum and pushing earwax further into the ears, reports Al- Rai daily.

He said this habit also affects the ability of filaments to remove the earwax from the ears. Meanwhile, Dr Al-Duwaila said the prevalence of sinusitis and other allergies in Kuwait is due to the climate and spread of dust as well as other factors such as presence of certain types of bacteria and fungus.

He indicated that the crook of the nasal septum leads to difficulty in breathing followed by sinusitis and inflammation. Regarding the throat diseases, Al-Duwaila revealed that those suffering from throat diseases should not talk loudly so that the vocal cords and the throat are relaxed

This news has been read 3894 times!

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