Enhancing Career Prospects: Kuwait’s New Government Contract Benefits

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 26: In conjunction with the issuance of the decision by the Council of Ministers concerning the “Regulation for Kuwaitization of Government Contracts” and in line with what was previously published in the Al-Seyassah issue on August 18, 2023, regarding the development of a comprehensive program known as the “Strategic Alternative” to review public sector salaries, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Aseel Al-Munaifi, has announced an ongoing study in cooperation with the Civil Service Commission to approve a “special increase” for government sector employees.

Al-Munaifi, in a statement to Al-Seyassah, explained that this study is in response to the directives of His Highness the Prime Minister, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf, aimed at enhancing citizens’ standard of living. She noted that the concept has been discussed with the Civil Service Commission and is now in its final stages, set to be presented to the Council of Ministers in the near future. The Undersecretary of Finance also clarified that this anticipated step is part of a series of recent decisions, with financial costs already approved.

These decisions include providing support to labor engaged in micro-activities or specific fields, continuing support for patients and their companions employed in the private sector during overseas medical treatment, extending support to scholarship students from the private sector to complete their studies or training, and granting a six-month loan installment deferral for small and medium enterprise owners funded by the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises, Development and Care.

Furthermore, Al-Munifi reported ongoing efforts by the Subsidies Committee aimed at optimizing and directing subsidies to those who genuinely qualify for them. She specified that the study is specifically focused on subsidies for “diesel and kerosene,” and once completed, it will be presented to the Council of Ministers for a decision. This initiative is part of the broader strategy to enhance non-oil revenues and rationalize the state’s overall budget.

Meanwhile, the Government Communication Center has announced the approval of a draft decision by the Council of Ministers, mandating public entities to incorporate the provisions of the Kuwaitization of government contract regulations within their contracting requirements. This decision is based on a letter from the Chairman of the National Demographics Committee, First Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid.

The regulation’s objective is to create additional employment opportunities for national talents working with government contract providers, offering them practical experience and skills development while ensuring the continuity, growth, and smooth transition between various contracts. The benefits of government contracts include a monthly wage starting at 450 dinars for recent university graduates, health insurance for the worker and their family, a social allowance (employment support), an annual increase ranging from 20 dinars for those with a “very good” rating to 30 dinars for those with a “privileged” rating, a 40-day paid annual leave, and an annual bonus.

By Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 2175 times!

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