Engineer divorces wife over eye color in a bizarre dispute

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Green eyes dispute causes man to divorce his wife hours after wedding.

KUWAIT CITY, May 23: In an unusual turn of events, an engineer in Al-Sabahiya divorced his wife due to the color of her eyes. The incident unfolded when the bride awoke without her contact lenses, revealing her true eye color, which her husband mistook for green, as reported by the Al-Rai newspaper.

The groom confronted his wife early in the morning, accusing her of deception. Despite the bride’s joy over their recent marriage, which had only lasted a few hours, the husband was unable to control his anger. He accused her of misleading him and promptly divorced her.

The bride attempted to explain that she wore contact lenses due to a vision problem and only removed them at night. During their two-month engagement, the groom had never inquired about her eye color. Nonetheless, he remained adamant, insisting that eye color was crucial for “improving offspring.”

Family members intervened to mediate the situation. The bride’s family tried to reason with the groom, explaining that even if the bride had green eyes, it did not guarantee that their children would inherit this trait, as they might carry his genes. Despite their efforts, the groom refused to reconsider his decision to divorce.

This news has been read 4760 times!

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