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Monday , September 26 2022

Eloquent is Berri when lecturing on self-righteousness

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHEN the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament Nabih Berri expresses his fear concerning the situation in Lebanon, uses his meeting with Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Arun Gandhi as a cover for saying he is still optimistic about “non-violence” in global issues, and then says, “We also need to endorse the principle of non-violence in the government formation,” the adage – “Eloquent is the unrighteous one” when lecturing on self-righteousness can be applied in this case.

Having come to power with the use of bayonets in the Lebanese war to ignite religious and sectarian division and then dwelling there under the glare of weapons, he still dispatches his gangs from time to time to terrify unarmed people in West Beirut, and transgresses the information media establishment.

Without any doubt, Berri suffers from schizophrenia in the political arena, or maybe he wants to appear as being noble, righteous and non-violent. Nevertheless, he cannot shake off the charges which have compelling evidences concerning his premeditated ruin of the constitutional establishments in Lebanon. He had locked down the parliament several times in order to cripple its role and had twice prevented the presidential elections from taking place.

He also prevented the endorsement of many laws to the point where his country almost fell in the abyss of bankruptcy. The movement he leads provides protection to drug smuggling and money laundering networks in partnership with the Hezbollah.

The late Mahatma Gandhi managed to expel British occupation from his country by fasting and abiding by nonviolence when colonization was destroying his country’s national unity by stirring sedition. He did that without dispatching his supporters to destroy public properties or assisting in drowning India into wasteland because he did not get the lion’s share of the rule, and he did not cover for groups that are working for foreign countries in building weapon arsenals in Indian towns and villages like Berri who has been dominating the parliament since 1992, and preventing any other Shiites from even thinking of running for speakership.

There are 22 official languages in India besides scores of other languages that are not officially recognized, and there are about 9,000 religions. Despite this huge contradiction in social tentacles, India has neither witnessed ethnic or sectarian conflicts throughout the recent decades, nor claims by any given sect concerning historical grievances like Lebanon where Nabih Berri assisted in its acute vertical division based on sectarian differences.

Unlike Berri, the late Mahatma Gandhi did not impose any quota system in the ruling of India, he did not impose even his children to get involved in the political arena like Berri. When Berri claims about his desire to exercise non-violence in the government formation, he should remember that India has never interfered in the affairs of any other country.

This is contrary to Lebanon which gradually drags foreign interference to it through the jungle of paid media of Tehran’s regime that attacks the Gulf countries day in and day out, and instigates its people while portraying Iranian leaders as “the noble people on this earth”.

At the same time, Berri, along with his ally Jubran Basil, claims to distance Lebanon from the regional events. This is why, whenever the Speaker of Lebanese Parliament says, “There are some outside Lebanon who are more worried about Lebanon than the Lebanese themselves,” he should see what he is doing along with the ally of his ally in Lebanon, in this beautiful country which Berri and Hassan Nasrallah are mastering in tarnishing. Nonetheless, truth be said, “If you are shameless, do whatever you want.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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