Electricity Ministry to complete links with Interior and Justice Ministries by mid-May

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KUWAIT CITY, April 25: In an exclusive revelation from informed sources within the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, it has been disclosed that the ministry is actively pursuing overdue debt collection from citizens who have failed to fulfill their payment obligations. The ministry is poised to complete all necessary connection procedures with the Ministry of Interior, marking a significant step towards debt recovery.

Sources indicate that these connection procedures commenced approximately two weeks ago and are slated to conclude before the middle of next May, aligning with a meticulously devised plan. Coordination efforts between the Ministries of Electricity and Interior are in full swing to expedite the process, ensuring that overdue debts are collected when citizens engage in transactions across all sectors under the purview of the Interior Ministry.

Furthermore, efforts are underway to establish a connection with the Ministry of Justice, compelling debtors to acknowledge and adhere to specified payment periods without fail. This strategic move is framed within the context of digital transformation initiatives, aimed at streamlining debt collection processes and addressing any concerns regarding the ministry’s outstanding dues.

The ministry has also finalized the integration with the Ministry of Public Works concerning treated water, enforcing a prerequisite for individuals seeking water delivery to settle their electricity debts. Debts are being categorized into segments, starting from 500 dinars and above, with transactions below this threshold proceeding smoothly.

Recognizing the challenges posed by overdue debts, the Electricity Authority has implemented various procedures to facilitate installment payments, accompanied by extensive customer service support to alleviate burdens on citizens. The ministry extends its appreciation to all stakeholders involved in the debt collection endeavor, underscoring its commitment to serving the public interest and alleviating financial pressures on citizens through proactive measures.

This news has been read 1019 times!

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