Election results … same old, same old

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COLD is the democratic wedding that awaits Kuwait. This is evident from the events related to the elections that will take place after about three weeks. The reason is that the common people have lost confidence in the National Assembly after witnessing the parliamentary performance of the past years. It is also because the majority of candidates did not present any realistic programs that serve the people and the country, and convince the voters.

In addition to that, the country is suffering from crises caused by the two authorities – the legislative and the executive. The citizens are on the verge of losing confidence in the state’s institutions. This is a major calamity that none of those who presented themselves noticed and they lack a solution to get out of the impasse.

For decades, Kuwaitis have been inheriting the housing crisis, the Bedoun issue, the failure of education, and the health sector’s failure in getting rid of the game of overseas treatment. As for the infrastructure, talk without mincing your words. Also, the situation of the economy did not move a step forward.

However, in light of the developments in the field of oil today and the start of its falling prices, in addition to what the other global economic fields suffer from, there is doubt that foreign investments will help bridge the budget deficit.

In the face of these problems, it seems the citizens are convinced that forgetfulness is an escape from the reality of the election game. Therefore, it is estimated that the participation rate will not exceed 40 percent, compared to about 68 percent in 2016. This means a retreat from popular participation in light of the lack of enthusiasm. It is the first time that statistics reports have predicted such a ratio.

There is no doubt that the Kuwaiti people are alive and have the initiative to contribute to the renaissance of their country. However, they need an administration that understands what the obstacles and problems are, and works to solve them seriously, instead of taking steps in the form of reaction, and get out of the impasse of betting on disagreements between the government and the parliament.

Based on what is currently happening, especially when considering the lawsuits filed to nullify the elections, and the complaints that the solution was not correct, the fate of the upcoming National Assembly has become almost known. The solution is either at the first confrontation between the upcoming cabinet and the winning parliamentarians due to lack of cooperation, or annulment by a ruling from the Constitutional Court after the losers submitted their claims, thus returning to square one.

All this was caused by systematic operations from the executive authority and from the parliamentarians of the services who put their own interests before the interest of the country, and the conflicting currents by drawing their swords and stabbing democracy in order for the influential people in state institutions to do what they want in return for the absence of real public accountability.

Despite all this, the fact remains that Kuwait can no longer tolerate more failed experiences, and its people do not have the ability to bear the miserable situation any more.

Consequently, what Kuwait needs is the will and determination to make a brave decision to end this old and renewed crisis. This unfortunately is absent today, especially in light of a sensitive international and regional stage that does not accept amusement and procrastination of time, which is like a sword that does not have mercy on anyone.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 32200 times!

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