Eight killed by car bomb in northern Syria

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Tragic bombing in Syrian market leaves 8 dead, 23 injured.

SYRIA, March 31: A devastating bomb explosion rocked a bustling shopping area in the northern Syrian city of Azaz, which is under the control of pro-Turkish forces. According to reports from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the explosion claimed the lives of at least eight individuals, with another 23 sustaining injuries. The car bomb detonated amidst the crowded market in Aleppo province early on Sunday, causing significant damage and triggering a fire.

Emergency responders swiftly mobilized to the scene, where remnants of the mangled vehicle and the aftermath of the blast were visible, as witnessed by an Agence France-Presse correspondent. The incident underscores the persistent violence and instability plaguing Syria, a nation torn apart by a prolonged conflict that erupted in 2011 following government crackdowns on peaceful protests.

The war, which has evolved into a multifaceted conflict involving jihadists and foreign interventions, has exacted a heavy toll on the Syrian population, claiming over 507,000 lives, displacing millions, and ravaging the country’s infrastructure and industries. Among the foreign actors involved, Turkey has launched several military offensives in Syria, primarily targeting Kurdish militants linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a group engaged in a longstanding insurgency against the Turkish state.

As a result, Turkish troops and their Syrian allies control significant swathes of territory along the border, including key cities and towns like Azaz, where the latest bombing occurred, perpetuating the cycle of violence and instability gripping the region.

This news has been read 504 times!

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