Thursday , September 28 2023

Egypt’s Nasser … the veil and the IICO

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Unless our peoples were experiencing all this backwardness, superficial and intellectual emptiness, a movement like the “Muslim Brotherhood” would not have been so powerful and widespread.

It was stated in one of the speeches of Jamal Abdel Nasser that he met with the guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, and that the latter had made several demands to settle the differences between them, the first of which was for the Egyptian government to impose the veil on women.

The issue has nothing to do with a piece of cloth placed on the head or the application of a religious ritual, and the evidence is that the daughters of ‘Hassan Al-Hudhaibi’, the former lawyer and judge, and the guide at that time, were not wearing veils. For religious parties, the veil is nothing but a means to fully control the woman, half of society, and the nurturing of generations.

In a tweet for  who represents the Brotherhood in Parliament, and whose name is preceded by the title of ‘Dr’ said that it is necessary to separate the Ministry of Education from the Ministry of Higher Education saying this is a step in the right direction, so reforming public and higher education is the gateway to development.

It is strange that such words come from those who are supposed to be politicians and academics. The two ministries are separate in the first place, but they are under one minister. I do not know the relationship of separating them, assuming that separation does not exist. Will such separation lead to education reform and a gateway to development?

Tomorrow the news reports may proclaim the separation of the two ministries and we will ask the Dr to show us how this will mean a gateway to development. If these are the views and perceptions of the elite representing the religious parties, then what do we expect from a party that has been serving its real leaders who are working behind the scenes for their personal interests and gaining political influence and the state tenders?

The Kuwaiti newspaper ‘Al-Seyassah’ published yesterday a report and on its second page about  the people of the ‘Muzaffarabad’ camp in Pakistan filed many lawsuits against the officials of the ‘International Islamic Charity Organization (IICO)’ for collecting millions of dollars to help the people of the camp, and how none of this money reached them.

We call on the new Minister of Awqaf to open a serious investigation into the validity of such serious allegations because the IICO will investigate this serious accusation. We also reiterate our request not to exclude any party from scrutinizing the actions of those in charge of it, and to apply the principle: Trust and Verify.

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By Ahmad alsarraf