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Egyptians returning to Kuwait via Ethiopia detained in Ethiopia for quarantine violations

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 1: Confirming the news published on October 14 about citizens of the 34 banned countries heading to Ethiopia as a transit station to return to Kuwait, sources said about 100 Egyptians have adopted this path to return to their work in Kuwait following the huge hike in the prices of residence in Dubai, Turkey and other non-prohibited countries, reports Al-Qabas daily.

A number of travel agents informed the daily that the numbers of those opting to travel to Kuwait via Addis Ababa will decrease in the coming days after 12 of them were detained due to the difference in the purpose of the visit. Tourist visas were issued for them but  the actual purpose was to spend 14 days of quarantine before coming to Kuwait, in addition to a number of them violating quarantine procedures.

The Egyptian embassy stated that a number of these Egyptian citizens had violated the quarantine instructions followed in Ethiopia in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It affirmed that it is currently working to ensure the rights of citizens detained at the airport and the treatment towards them is appropriate.

The embassy clarified that this does not negate the right of the host country to take whatever measures it deems appropriate in the event of violation of the instructions for disclosing the truth about the purpose of entering or the precautionary measures taken by different countries to confront the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Egyptian Ministry of Immigration has warned citizens wishing to return to their work to other countries, especially Kuwait, to wait until the detainees are released.

An official at the Ministry of Immigration told the daily that there are tourism companies that have implicated a number of Egyptians wishing to return to their work.

It affirmed the importance of making sure of the measures taken before returning to Kuwait, completing all the required documents, and ensuring the procedures of the host country are fulfilled and adhered to.

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