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Egyptian nurses air grievances – Recruitment company asking money

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A group of Egyptian nurses working for the Egyptian Ministry of Health have expressed their displeasure with a medical services company believed to have been contracted by the Ministry of Health of Kuwait to hire Egyptian nurses to work in Kuwait because the company is reportedly asking for money in exchange for signing the contracts, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The nurses in a letter to officials of the Ministry of Health said they have already passed a test in Egypt conducted by a committee allegedly representing the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health.

The tests were organized by one of the medical services company contracted with the ministry to provide a certain number of nurses to work in its facilities in Kuwait.

The nurses added that they were surprised when one of the company officials requested 40,000 Egyptian pounds from each applicant who have passed the test before a contract can be signed.

The nurses pointed out the nurses are offered 300 dinars and 350 to work in government clinics and hospitals respectively with housing.

However, they added, they have reliably learnt that the company receives much more from the government for each person in the form of salary. To add insult to injury, the recruiting company is demanding money from each candidate and believes the recruiting company is trading in visas.

They added according to what they have understood is each nurse working for a government hospital in Kuwait is received more than 650 dinars salary a month and what the recruiting company offers them is 350 dinars.

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