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Egyptian caretaker survives attack on his life by ‘robber’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 25: The Hawalli police are looking for an unidentified ‘thief’ who allegedly poured an inflammable substance near the main door and set fire to it, reports Al-Anba daily.

In his complaint to the police the victim, an Egyptian guard, told police he heard someone violently knocking at the door of his room at two past half in the morning. When he looked at the person through the peephole he knew that the person was not a resident of the building so he decided not to answer the door.

However, when he asked the man from behind closed doors what he wanted, he said, ‘Move your car’. When the man was told that he does not have a car, the man became angry and continued knocking. The man looked suspicious so the guard refused to open the door because he was certain the man was a thief. When the man insisted that the guard open the door and did not get a response, he poured inflammable substance and set fire following which people who were awakened by all the commotion put out the fire.

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