‘Egypt will stay as one’ – ‘Terrorists to fail’

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Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

First and foremost, I offer my condolences to our brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, its leadership and people. I pray to the Almighty Allah to have mercy on the souls of the victims and to provide patience and solace to the bereaved families.

It is certain without any doubt that Egypt is strong. With reference to its history, Egypt will definitely bounce back quickly, which will prove to be a disappointment for the terrorists, especially since they (terrorists) are the main reason behind the solidarity among the beloved Egyptians regardless of their religions.

History has proven that the people of Egypt are of one heart when confronting any eventful turns that occur on the beloved land of Egypt.

To put matters into perspective, we should remember that Egypt has long been in the war against terrorism, its advocators and funders. This is something that the President of Egypt Abdul Fattah el-Sisi has been reiterating on various occasions and vowing not to tackle the matter from a radical perspective. Indeed, the security apparatus in Egypt has managed to foil many terrorist attacks that targeted Egypt, its security, national unity and peace.

The recent attacks in the two Egyptian cities — Tanta and Alexandria — may differ in details but the objective was the same, which is to shake the national unity of Egypt from its pillars. Despite the devastation caused by these attacks, they still represent mere failure of those who are striving to divide the people of Egypt.

However, by the grace of Almighty Allah followed by the solidarity among the Egyptians and the unity between its government and the people, Egypt will remain Egypt … intact. A quick glance of the regional events will reveal a link between what is transpiring in Iraq and Syria, and what is happening in Egypt. Sometimes, when you contemplate on these events, you tend to believe that they are happening in a systemic and organized manner as if the player behind the curtain is one.

The question concerning who is benefiting from all this requires more than just explanations, given that such attacks are targeted to cripple national unity (society), economy (tourism) and politics (weakening of the leadership) among other reasons which are worth destroying. I believe the initial reaction and quick measures taken by the Egyptian leadership were appropriate.

The reinstatement of emergency rule has become necessary despite the fact that it was supposed to be activated earlier due to the continuous filthy terrorist operations committed by groups like DAESH and others. I will not talk about the Muslim Brotherhood Group and its conflict with the government because DAESH has already announced that it is behind the attacks. This is something from which several international bodies are benefiting.

Therefore, let us call a spade a spade. This is not the time for flatteries. If Egypt falls into the swamp of terror operations, another country might fall. The region has become rubbles due to the terrorists. This phenomenon was not handled ideally, and the confrontation was not conducted effectively, let alone confronted professionally.

Or else, how can terrorism continue to batter Egypt while no one is standing in support in an unequivocal manner? Are we waiting until we eat the cattle the way the white bull was eaten? A quick solution for now is to reinstate warmth within the Arab- Arab relations in order to fight this regional enemy, which is harboring evil foreign forces that are quick to hit hard on the national gains. We should deal with the international forces in a suitable manner that preserves our respect and integrity. This is because everything might be disputed upon, even though when it comes to facing reality, the cooperation among these great people continues to frustrate those who are against it. May Allah protect Egypt and the rest of world!

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi


This news has been read 8831 times!

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