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Egypt suspends sending workers to Kuwait on small projects – Visas sold for KD 1500

KUWAIT CITY, April 14: Egyptian labor office has suspended sending its workers to Kuwait in small scale entrepreneurs /private sector in fear of human trafficking. Sources said that in order to protect the rights of the workers this move had to be taken two weeks ago reports Al Qabas.

Sources said that the authorities had to take this action as dozens of workers filed a complain specially new workers going on small business visas who were surprised by lack of work nor salaries were paid, but the sponsors were eager to change the residence to choose other jobs under same category.

Visa 18 small projects visas are generally sold of KD 1500 for 3 yrs by small scale entrepreneurs. Sources said that the MOI has been closely following advertisements published on websites and other social media who lure innocent workers with advertisements of jobs in private sector or small-scale visas in Kuwait.

Buying and selling visas is a criminal offense and yet many expats buy visas and are either not provided jobs or just a temporary job of 3 months probation period and later they are forced to look out for jobs in Kuwait market.

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