Education Ministry warning: Complete qualification upgrades or face legal action

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Enhanced exam management system rolled out

Ministry of Education issues a deadline for employees to upgrade their qualifications.

KUWAIT CITY, May 15: The Ministry of Education is intensifying efforts to ensure its workforce meets the required educational qualifications, with a looming deadline prompting urgent action from tardy employees. As the specified period draws to a close, the Ministry has issued a stern warning, cautioning employees to swiftly fulfill their academic requirements or face legal consequences.

Matrook Al-Mutairi, Acting Undersecretary of the Administrative Sector, disclosed that a staggering 37,100 employees are yet to furnish copies of their academic credentials on the Ministry’s designated website, a mandate stemming from the Civil Service Commission’s directive outlined in letter No. 2023116465. The Ministry initially circulated a bulletin on March 11 to address this issue, emphasizing the importance of compliance.

Failure to meet the stipulated qualifications affects 37,010 employees within the public education sector, necessitating immediate action to rectify the situation to avoid potential repercussions. Al-Mutairi stressed the urgency of completing the requisite upgrades within a week from the specified deadline to evade accountability.

In a separate development, Ahmed Al-Majidi, Director of the Library Administration, announced the commencement of electronic inventory procedures in school libraries for the academic year 2023/2024. This initiative aligns with the educational policy’s thrust towards digital transformation, aiming to enhance operational efficiency.

Al-Majidi informed educational district directors that user credentials would be dispatched to schools to kickstart the electronic inventory process, streamlining library management and accessibility.

Meanwhile, the Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Education has unveiled a specialized program to manage high school exams electronically, bolstering data security and confidentiality. M. Hoda Al-Mutairi, Director of Administration, highlighted the completion of an electronic program tailored for central exam control, ensuring restricted access to student data.

The Control Management System, a bespoke framework developed for managing exam procedures across scientific, literary, and religious education domains, delegates specific privileges to authorized personnel within schools and educational districts. Al-Mutairi emphasized the system’s capability to facilitate seamless data exchange while upholding confidentiality protocols.

Key features of the system include personalized user accounts with designated access rights, enabling swift and secure transmission of student information. Additionally, the system grants schools and educational districts access to standardized test answers during the grading phase, further fortifying data integrity measures.

As the education sector embraces digital advancements, these initiatives signify a concerted effort by the Ministry of Education to modernize operations while ensuring compliance and efficiency in critical processes.

This news has been read 3477 times!

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