Economist magazine describes Kuwait as the sick man in the Gulf

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Deviant social values have taken root in society

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 7: Because of the demand to cancel or reschedule loans, The Economist magazine described Kuwait as the sick man in the Gulf. It may take a long time to explain the details of the problem, but let’s focus on some basics, according to Mohammad Ramadan, economic writer and researcher, reports Al-Qabas daily. Before oil, Kuwait was a poor and backward country, as our culture that defines our identity has many advantages, and it also has many defects.

Social and family relations in Kuwait and the countries of the region are much better than social and family relations in developed countries, but instead of the state spending on developing educational attainment, raising the level of education outputs and achieving economic development, we are now spending on education to obtain academic qualifications regardless of educational attainment.

The social values and characteristics in our culture have turned into nepotism, sectarianism and factionalism, in which kinship or tribal or sectarian affiliation prevail over the true values in that education is the required basis for building the state’s economy. The validity of this can be ascertained from the amount of certificates multiplied, the level of cheating in exams, and how parents help their children and relatives to cheat, nepotism, and others.

The deviant social values are reflected in the demands of the National Assembly representatives, and even in the governmental decisions in selecting officials, awarding tenders, development spending, and so on. The great politician with political and economic thinking opened the way for the bidding of some deputies to win more electoral votes, especially in light of the competition of many deputies in the same constituencies, and we also found that this type of claims will not stop as long as the elected deputies are elected on an individual basis, and they have programs and special agendas far from any party or political organization, as long as there are 10 deputies competing for seats in one district.

Therefore, the solution to this problem may be either by imposing large political parties that include all segments of society, and serve as a basis for parliamentary action within the parliament, or by changing the electoral system to be with 50 constituencies instead of 5 constituencies, with one vote for the voter and one member for each constituency, only then will bids be reduced.

This news has been read 55081 times!

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