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Duterte dares Vice-President Robredo for criticising his war on drugs

Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte on Monday lashed out at Vice-President Leni Robredo for criticising his war on drugs, and offered to put her in charge of law enforcement.

The president has a frosty relationship with opposition leader Robredo, who was elected separately from Duterte, whose drugs crackdown has killed thousands, stirring global alarm, although polls show strong domestic support for the campaign. “I will surrender my powers to enforce the law,” Duterte said in remarks to newly appointed government officials. “I will give it to the vice president for six months. I’ll let her carry it out, let us see what will happen. I will not interfere.” It was not immediately clear if Duterte’s offer was meant sarcastically, although he said he would send a letter to Robredo, a former human rights lawyer.

A spokesman for Duterte did not immediately respond to a request from Reuters asking about the legal basis for such a transfer of authority.

The comments follow Robredo’s statements in an interview with Reuters, saying that too many people had been killed in the crackdown, which had not solved the drugs problem. (RTRS)

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