Saturday , September 23 2023

During long national holidays all that we noticed was wastage of water

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KUWAIT CITY, March 7: OH, our government, please wake up from your slumber. You shut down the country for fifteen days in the name of the National Day and Liberation Day celebrations. All that we saw was children throwing water-filled balloons on others and spraying water on cars passing along the Arabian Gulf Street and elsewhere. By God we say this is a sad scenario. The country came to a standstill for two full weeks in the midst of funny celebrations.

We do not know how our Prime Minister celebrated the occasion. We spent our holidays yawning lazily with outstretched arms; our children wasted the most precious commodity (water) by spraying it on the cars while the rest of the Gulf states celebrated our country’s holidays in a totally different environment befitting the occasion. By Zahed Matar, Arab Times

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