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I stay in Salmiya, near the garden where there are many Indians. In my building, there are about 4 flats which are home to about 6 dogs. Those dogs dirty the lift very often. Despite the fact we have requested the owners to keep the lifts clean, they take dogs in the lift and that causes lot of nuisance to the occupants of the building. Not only this, the neighboring buildings also have dogs.

Early in the morning they dirty the entire parking lot. Here and there, we find the waste of the dogs and urine. It’s a real nuisance but the owners have become emboldened for there are many people nowadays keeping dogs in the vicinity. Kindly guide us which authority to contact. I have read that the environment police can also be contacted. Can they help us?

Name withheld
Answer: You shouldn’t have difficulty in getting rid of your problems. But before we go on we would like to clarify that three departments are involved in the issue of pets.

1. Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) — this authority is responsible for issuance of licenses because pets can be kept without licenses

2. Police — this is the department which ensures that the pets do not pose a threat to anyone

3. Kuwait Municipality (Baladiya) — the Municipality ensures that the pet owners “control” their pets to stop them from dirtying the surroundings and also that the pets do not become a nuisance for all others in the area.

For you, we suggest that you first file a report with the police in the area if you feel threatened by the dogs. Secondly, report the case to Kuwait Municipality office in your area. These two departments will take care of the problem.

You can also call the main Kuwait Municipality office in Kuwait City: Tel nos 22449001, 22449002 and 22400012 but have someone who speaks Arabic on hand because you may face problems if you don’t speak the language.

You can also send an email to [email protected] or post a complaint on the Municipality’s website

This news has been read 12369 times!

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