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Does Fridays include in 70 days maternity leave?

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I just want to inquire about the policy of maternity leave. I have been working with a company for 5 years and my maternity leave started from March 20, 2018 and ended on May 21, 2018. My current salary is KD 500; as per information I received from my HR that maternity leave includes Fridays also and they will not pay extra for the Friday. Is this calculation correct? Please let me know how much amount I should receive for my maternity leave.

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Answer: Article 24 of the Kuwait Labour Law clearly states that ‘A pregnant woman shall be entitled to a paid maternity leave of 70 days not included in other leaves provided she gives birth within this period.’ This means that you can get your annual leave even after availing the maternity leave in a particular year.

As your HR department has indicated the maternity leave includes Fridays which are taken into consideration in computing the total amount of money due for you the 70 days maternity leave. To pay you extra for the Fridays will amount to double payment hence your HR department is right on that score. By the way the maternity leave you took was less than the 70 days you are entitled to but we cannot state our take on this as we are not in position to say as to whether you decided to take that number of days or it was imposed on you by the company.


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