Do we need a nuke bomb?

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On the sidelines of Qatar hosting the World Cup 2022, someone sent a sarcastic tweet regarding Japan’s refusal to allow Maradona to enter the country when Japan hosted the tournament, because of what was rumored about his drug addiction, and how the country itself allowed the Americans to participate despite the Americans dropping two bombs on Japan in 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If one implements what this tweeter is calling for, no global event would have been held. The crimes of the Turks, Arabs, Muslims, Europeans and Americans cover their involvement all over the world, so how would any event be held without the presence of the representatives of these countries?

Many do not know that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, despite the horrific and unprecedented killing and destruction they caused, the damage caused was not as bad as some imagined.

Nothing justifies killing other than the fear that not doing it will result in a greater killing. Whoever enters a place with the purpose of killing whoever is in it gives others the right to kill him.

Japan, throughout its history prior to its defeat in World War II, was distinguished for its fighting spirit. It was also famous for its belittling of the rest of the peoples, and humiliating many, and it was not possible to change its aggressive thinking without an unusual act, so the decision was to drop the two bombs and uproot its military institution.

The first bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, killed about 140,000 people, and the second killed about 50,000.

The estimates of the Allied military experts confirmed that their forces would lose half a million soldiers, and the Japanese equivalent, if they tried to defeat Japan by traditional methods, knowing that the Imperial Japanese Army did not know surrender, after forcing all its men to fight to the death in all their wars, even civilians were forced to fight with bamboo spears and as suicide bombers against Allied tanks.

The Japanese secret documents, which were later found, showed that they were willing to accept tens of millions of victims among their ranks, before they surrendered.

“Thus, dropping the two bombs, in the end, was good for Japan, as it saved it forever from its military spirit and from considering the emperor an irreversible deity, and prompted it to direct all the funds for arming the nation and all its great productive capabilities towards its industrial, technical, and commercial progress.

It has also succeeded in using American capabilities to develop its educational and administrative system, and to transform into a wonderful democratic state that is almost free of corruption, perched on the throne of prosperity and peace.

On the other hand, which is ours, the Israelis, the most advanced country in the region, and the highest standard of living, have neighbored us for more than seventy years, and yet we have not benefited from this neighborhood, as we have failed to benefit from a few advantages of the Crusaders during their occupation of Palestine, the Levant and Egypt for more than 180 years.

We also failed to learn anything from the campaign of Napoleon and the British, which came after, and we learned from the Turks how to make ‘baklava’ and the ‘impale’.

The forces of backwardness also refused to learn anything from the Americans, despite their presence among us and in the middle of our deserts for more than three decades, as if there was a wall between us and them that prevented us from meeting them.

Throughout our long history our peoples stood with the losing side, as in Andalusia they stood in solidarity with the losing side, and the majority of the Arabs in the two world wars stood with the losing side, and during the invasion and occupation of Kuwait, stood with the occupying tyrant “Saddam”, with full knowledge of his criminality, and that he does not deserve any respect, and many of us have recently sided with Russia, perhaps unwillingly in the West.

An apple fell from a tree on Newton, and he discovered the theory of gravity. Would we discover anything if a nuclear bomb fell on us?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 84509 times!

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