Divorce, negligence, harsh dealings can lead to abuse of drugs

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‘Parents must force addict kids for treatment’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 4: Although Islam strongly forbids the use of alcohol for its dangers and side effects on the behavior of people, many youth still tend to drink alcohol, which may lead them into the world of drugs. Most youth start using drugs with curiousity on the experience, pushing them further into the dangerous wold of drugs and crime. KUNA interviewed a number of experts in the field from “Ghiras”, as part of the agency’s campaign against drugs, regarding the prevention of drug use, symptoms of a drug addict and therapy stages.

In this context, psychiatrist Ali Al-Sultan noted that the biological factor plays a big role in a person’s readiness to take drugs. A child whose parents are drug addicts is 50 percent likely to follow in their footsteps, he explained. Another factor is parents that spoil their kids and provide anything they ask for, as well as those who treat their children harshly and neglect their basic needs, he said. Other things that could lead to addicton are friends with bad influence and youth’s willingness to try something new and exciting, said Al-Sultan. Although addicts realize the risks of taking such substances, they continue doing so by convincing themselves that it can make them happy, more creative and focused and reduce their physical and mental pain, he added.

The problems in society and the economic problems and political tensions also play a role in drug use, bearing in mind the lack of a strong law that punishes drug addicts. On her part, Ghiras CEO Mona Al-Saqer said that scientists have categorized drugs into three main types including depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens. These types have different effects on the psychological and mental state of the user, however, they share the same deterioration of a person and negative side effects.

All three affect the brain system, leading to symptoms that show on drug addicts including nervousness, anxiety, depression, agression, panic attacks, lack of coordination and focus, fast speech, insomnia, a decrease in pain-feeling and paranoia, she added. As for Ghiras’ strategy on drug prevention and awareness, Al-Saqer said the project presented its plan to the Cabinet, that relies on international scientific standards on the matter and requires cooperation between the state’s bodies. Speaking on therapy steps for addicts, the CEO noted that the first step to start the healing program is for the drug addict to have the readiness and will to go under therapy. All kinds of addictions can be healed by medicine and psychiatric methods, but the programs and period of time needed to heal differs depending on the substance of addiction and the length of time since the addictions started, she said.

Key stages The healing program contains four key stages. The first one is medical treatment that focuses on withdrawal symptoms (detoxing the body). The second stage is psychiatric treatment (individual and group therapy) to promote a better self-image and enhance behavior. The third is rehabilitation to blend in with society and the fourth stage focuses on preventing relapse, said Al-Saqer. Moreover, acting technical guide at the Ministry of Education and approved Ghiras coach Wadha Al-Thuwaini said that divorce and family disputes that lead to the neglect of children can easily push them into the world of drugs, as well as the spread of destructive ideas on social media.

Parents can tell if their son/daughter is addicted to drugs once they start showing signs like a deterioration in their educational level, lack in care for hygiene and appearance, continuous sleep, worsening behavior and isolation, she said. The family must make haste in taking the decision to treat their children before the condition worsens, said Al- Thuwaini. She affirmed that should the drug addict refuse to go into therapy, it is the family’s responsibility to inform authorities to step in and take action for their own good. (By Khuloud Al-Anezi- KUNA)

This news has been read 9480 times!

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