Divine victory for Lebanon

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THE Lebanese parliamentary elections were considered theatrical for decades without any democratic taste or smell. This is due to the fact that they were taking place under the teeth of sectarian jaws. Therefore, a significant percentage of the people believed that change was impossible, and even if it happened in some areas, it would be in a timid manner.

Hezbollah gripped Lebanon throughout the post-war period, steering it by force to wherever it wants, and trying to detach it from its Arab surroundings through its aggressive campaigns against the Gulf states either in the media or via drug smuggling and terrorist operations, both covert and overt.

This gang considered the withdrawal of the Gulf ambassadors from Beirut as a victory, but all these practices fell into the ballot box, as the honorable people of Lebanon said their word in the face of the systematic killing, bombing, impoverishment and displacement of people, making this small and beautiful country seem like a plagued person from whom everyone flees away to survive.

In the recent elections, the popular majority said there is no longer a place for the system led by this terrorist party, and that Lebanon is not a farm for the Persian ruler, who is facing the worst situation since 1979 with that blessed popular uprising in all Iranian cities. Some of them have fallen from its grip to become under-control revolutionaries.

In addition to this, it faced a clear defeat in Yemen where it attempted to curtail the legitimacy of the Houthi puppet gang. Its Iraqi hired groups suffered a great setback in the recent elections, and it was confronted with great Syrian popular resentment over the presence of its gangs in Syria.

From here, it can be said that the project to export the malicious revolution that Khomeini enshrined in the constitution of the system of the dark caves is close to demise. All that remains is to announce its death through the victory of the free people of Iran and to root out the Mullah cancerous tumor.

There is no doubt that the loss suffered by the Hezbollah axis in Lebanon is great and resounding. It is a clear indication that the traditional parties collectively have to recalculate, because the victory of about 17 MPs from the MPs of the “October 17 Revolution” is not an easy matter. It must therefore seek to establish broad sovereign front calls on all the free people of Lebanon to rise above personal and factional accounts.

This is due to the fact that the terror gang will not easily accept this bitter defeat, and will try to spark disarray once again either by disrupting the parliament, as it usually does, or by returning to the assassination approach. If the need for the regional axis it represents calls for Hezbollah to open a war with Israel, it will not delay in doing so.

Lebanon has always been considered as the region’s thermometer. From it, it is possible to know the trends of the regional political winds. Therefore, the official results of the elections, which were announced this Monday, confirm that there are great changes that the region will witness, and the prudent one is the one who avoids its negative consequences.

Therefore, the Lebanese nation today must work towards eradicating the root cause of the disease that destroys their country; otherwise they will miss the most important historical opportunities available to them if they succumb to the intimidation that this terrorist party will exercise in the next stage.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 16045 times!

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