Disturb nature, see disaster

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In 1958, China considered mosquitoes, flies, mice, and sparrows an enemy of the people, who, over the course of 3 years, killed nearly a billion birds, 1.5 billion rats, and collected 100 million kilograms of flies and 11 million kilograms of mosquitoes!

The extermination of the birds caused a terrible environmental catastrophe, as a result of a major imbalance, so the numbers of locusts and insects that were eaten by the birds increased dramatically, and as a result, the crops were destroyed, so the famine occurred between 1959 and 1961, and it was the largest in human history, with 55 million Chinese lives lost because of it, and for other reasons.

Immediately after that, China stopped its war on sparrows, and even bought huge quantities of them from the Soviet Union for resettlement.

China also made a bigger and more serious mistake by adopting the “one-child” policy for the family, while raising the age of marriage and childbearing.

This resulted in the spread of abortions and killing of girls, amounting to tens of millions, due to the desire of the majority for a male child, and the result was a great imbalance in the numbers of the sexes, and with the year 2015 the risks became clear and it was allowed to have a maximum of 3 children, but after a massive population imbalance occurred, with the growth of the desire of many not to marry, or have children, or even the inability to do so, and this will have tremendous economic and security repercussions in the coming decades. High may reach 450 million retirees, by the end of this decade!

On the other hand, he declared that the population of India, after two months, would reach 1.4286 billion, and would be slightly higher than the population of China.

It is noteworthy that India did not follow any coercive policies to reduce the population, but rather its governments sought to encourage immigration, create job opportunities for the largest number, and industrially expand tremendously.

Conclusion: manipulation of the balance of nature always leads to disasters.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 19390 times!

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