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Discussions on amnesty said to have reached an advanced level

Solution needed in best interest of nation

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 2: “Any discussion on the issue of amnesty will be heated,” sources say. They expressed hope that discussions are ongoing to find a solution that will be in the best interest of the State of Kuwait and can enhance its stability.

The sources explained that the recent consultations prior to the upcoming meeting with the Kuwaiti political leadership concluded with the agreement on the dire need for a unanimous solution in this regard.

However, there are some attempts to manipulate the list by adding the names of those who are convicted in crimes that do not deserve amnesty such as terrorism, harming state security and others that are not in favor of the nation.

They indicated that discussions on the amnesty have reached an advanced level, stressing that any progress in this regard requires all parties to agree on priority to be in favor of the public interest and not any personal interests or foreign agendas.

The sources affirmed that the names currently included in the list are not involved in any bloodshed or ties with foreign parties that seek no good for Kuwait, indicating that this is a positive sign that the names could be of those who expressed their opinions on social media without using proper words.

They explained that some of the names included in the list had committed violations without intending to create trouble and incite people to destroy public properties. They did not use others to commit harmful crimes or collect weapons but were pushed by social movement with the aim of conveying a specific message.

The sources disclosed that some included in the list are willing to apologize, and are eager to return to Kuwait and put an end to their homesickness that have lasted for months and even years.

By Raed Yousef Al-Seyassah Staff

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