Disaster of search and arrest warrant

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The Fatwa and Legislation Department, or the State’s Lawyer, issued an opinion stating that government agencies are not permitted, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, to stop the transactions of debtor citizens, especially after the abolition of the previous system related to the seizure and bringing to book debtors who are convicted by courts in the interest of their creditors.

On the other hand, the cancellation of the system to control the debtors and bringing them to the police station, to force him ‘amicably’ to pay his debts, or to deny him his freedom, resulted in inaction, or rather, a large number of debtors evaded paying their debts whether it was in the firm of alimony for a divorced woman or a debt to a merchant.

The abolition of the search and arrest warrant system relieved the security authorities, as this procedure preoccupied them a lot, and often included, or used by the few, to offend the debtor, and harm him psychologically and even physically.

However, the cancellation greatly harmed the economic cycle, as most companies follow the credit system, whether to individuals, retail companies, associations, supermarkets, restaurants and others.

It therefore requires the intervention of the legislator and the amendment of the law in a way that allows preserving the rights of merchants on the one hand, and preserving the dignity of the citizen and resident, on the other hand, and restoring confidence in the credit sales system, which is the backbone of the commercial system in any capitalist society.

On the other hand, the statistics of the Ministry of Justice revealed that there are about 42,000 verdicts before the Court of Cassation awaiting final decision, which has damaged the interests of tens of thousands as a result of delaying the final decision on their cases, some of which date back to 2014, and the damage of the delay was not only material, but also psychological and social and even mental.

Therefore, many, especially those concerned with the matter, were pleased with the news of the statement issued by Adel Bouresli, Acting President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Acting President of the Court of Cassation, that the Court of Cassation would start holding additional sessions in the evening, to consider appeal cases that have been accumulating over 6 years or more.

The President of the Supreme Judicial Council also announced the establishment of a register to receive complaints from visitors who have cases with the Cassation Prosecution, which will express its opinion within three days, and this is a long-awaited benign development.

Counselor Bouresli also announced that priority will be given to requests for suspension of execution from the government, especially in cases where the convicts are afraid to leave the country.

Finally, the government of the new era moved, and closed with red wax the so-called clinic of the charlatan, the remover of the jinn from the bodies, the masseur and the predictor, whom we have previously written about several times, and we demanded that he be stopped.

Thank you, Your Highness.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 20900 times!

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