Disappointment, destruction after Hamas ‘feast of blood’

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THE details of the death game that Hamas chose for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip do not represent the figures. Rather, it is the painful truth, which will become clear in the coming days, of how heavy the losses have been.

The factions, topped by the dominant movement in the Gaza Strip, fired 4,000 rockets during the recent conflict. About 1,000 of them fell on the outskirts of Gaza, Israel’s Iron Dome intercepted about 2,000 of them, and the remaining 1,000 either fell in open places or caused minor damage to the cities and towns they reached.

So when we say the figures are not details, we mean there are those who are sitting in the basements of air-conditioned tunnels in the Gaza Strip or in the suites of the most luxurious hotels in some countries. They include the leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and others who have come out to boast about the number of missiles that were launched, and had destroyed Israeli cars and homes.

They will not look at the scale of the great destruction in Gaza, or the number of those murdered because of them, or the wounded who suffer today from the pain that will accompany them until the end of their lives.

Indeed, Hamas will declare victory in this conflict, but it will neither acknowledge the defeat it sustained nor the crimes its leaders committed against their people. Rather, they will go back to insulting the leaders of the Gulf states, burning the pictures of its symbols, and holding them responsible for what happened.

This is due to the fact that an arrogant criminal does not admit his crime but throws it on others, just like Hassan Nasrallah who lives in an air-conditioned corridor in the southern suburbs of Beirut (Dahieh) and practices his immorality of inciting, stirring up sedition, and deceiving the Lebanese.

These two groups do not differ from each other because they grew up nursing from Iran’s impure terrorist udders, and are obsessed with Persian racism, which has become the trend of everyone who orbits around it. A good example is the statement issued by the Lebanese Foreign Minister accusing the Gulf people of being Bedouins (nomads).

He assumes that being a Bedouin is a matter of shame, or rather an insult, and it detracts them from their Arabism. This is the best evidence of the extent of the political blindness of this axis. They forget that Bedouins have entered the largest international economic forums.

Saudi Arabia is a member of the G20, and the rest of the Gulf countries are important contributors to the global economic movement that has become the world’s attraction of development, urbanization, tolerance and humanity. All we can say in this regard is, “You shouldn’t throw stones at others while living in a glass house”.

Since its inception, Hamas has consistently wasted opportunities for the Palestinians, either through its terrorist operations abroad or its control of the Gaza Strip by force and suppression. It also obstructed progress in the negotiations for the final solution for achieving a viable Palestinian state.

Through that, it expresses its true conviction of its inability to rule the promised state, because the world will not allow a terrorist organization to rule a state … In fact, it did not allow this group to rule the Gaza Strip, similar to the case of the terrorist Hezbollah, which is currently controlling Lebanon and pushing it into a suffocating blockade because its Iranian operator is trying to blackmail the world through it, and through its recent war led by Hamas by proxy.

Cease-fire is on, so the truth is bound to reveal itself about the horrific scenes. Meanwhile, the leaders of the blood feast of Hamas and others will turn to the world, trading in the remains of the isolation and devastation they caused, as all they are concerned about is money, and not the case they have lost in the corridors of political blackmail.

Therefore, the Palestinians, either in Gaza or the diaspora, have to realize where these gangs are taking them. They shouldn’t rejoice at the victory that cost them their most precious possession, but they should take revenge on those who caused their sufferings while they live there.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 29204 times!

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