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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Difference between us, them – Look after her rights

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

The Kuwaiti society, like a majority of other Arab and Muslim communities, is a male-dominated society and women seldom play a role, with a few exceptions.

It is very rare to see women confronting men in the courts, because of most of the legislations which are biased in favor of men, especially those issues related to divorce, alimony and guardianship, in addition to the man’s attitude for the woman’s rights as a human being.

This situation is not limited only to her husband but often she is victimized by her unfair father or an ignorant brother or a disobedient ‘silly’ son. It is therefore not surprising to see a majority, or perhaps all Muslim countries, have signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with reservation to its provisions on women’s rights. A woman means a wife, a sister, a mother or a daughter. That is why, as we have said, it is rare that women who are often conservative, can come out from the ‘enclosure’ and get in touch with law firms or attend court sessions because doing this means putting her reputation on the line because she will be subjected to slander at various levels during court hearings and it will cost a lot of time and money if she is determined to fight for her rights.

However, she would not do that unless she feels injustice is done to her by his behavior, cheating or exploiting the situations because of specific legislations, or due to lack of what preserves her right. We are writing this because of the confusion surrounding the behavior of some religious movements in the country, whose bad reputation is supported by their words and actions.

These people are involved in the exploitation of women’s issues, women one day they had conjugal relationships with, and then got rid of them somehow in an unethical manner, after having satisfied their desires.

It is surprising members of the legislative committee are concerned with irrelevant issues and the members of the Committee of Negative Phenomena waste their time in search of controversies and trivialities, instead of fighting for women’s rights and protecting them from the abusive method they are subjected to.

Although women constitute almost fifty per cent of the population and are considered one of the basic pillars, these members do not address what she is subjected to – violation of rights and injustice from men.

It is silly to see clerics accusing the liberals and secularists of infidelity and of being morally corrupt. They forget the fact that the Liberals, in general, are more human than them and fairer in dealing with women, and less exploiting their circumstances.

These men who claim to be morally clean and righteous must prove this point when dealing with women who they have exploited to satisfy their desires and then shamelessly denied them the same rights. One of the elder clerics has gone on record for saying women lack the unknown gland with unknown name, therefore cannot speak or think and remember at the same time.

I do not know why I remembered Chancellor Angela Merkel when I read this rubbish. May be the reason is the time difference between the words of Socrates and the words of this cleric is 2,500 years, which is perhaps the cultural difference between our societies and their communities.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf
e-mail: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

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