Dictatorship sometimes needed for just leader

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SOME MPs submitted proposals to amend the electoral system in order for voters to cast four votes instead of one, with the aim of improving the election process, as they claim.

This approach means returning to the previous system, opening the door to the winds of chaos, and bringing back into the country the atmosphere of the so-called “Arab Spring” and the acts of sabotage witnessed in some areas in Kuwait. In fact, even children dared to attack police officers during those days, such that one of them had brazenly told an officer from the Ministry of Interior, “If you do not release this person, I will hit you with slippers”.

We all know the source of these destructive proposals and schemes.

The Muslim Brotherhood will not be complacent until it returns to controlling the joints of the state through the National Assembly, and deluding people and misleading them.

For example, whoever wins 7,000 votes in the one-vote system, he will end up having 32,000 votes through the four-vote system. It will then be said that this is the popular majority that chose that person as the nation representative. This was what happened in one of the electoral constituencies when they began to boast that they would implement all their projects and amend the Constitution to select a prime minister who is not from the ruling family.

Undoubtedly, everyone realizes the benefit that the one-vote system came with, and how it saved the country from being lost.

Our constitutional system aims at development, not backwardness. Therefore, any projects or proposals that represent a setback for this process are tantamount to a coup against everything that has been achieved in the past six decades, and tampering with the nation. Because of this, it is not permissible to be complacent in the face of that, despite the justifications.

Democracy does not accept undermining societal and political stability, and pushing for security chaos to give priority to the will of a group over the rest of the citizens and institutions. If these people can achieve their goal, then we will be facing a scene that is not different from the shaken scene in Tunisia, Iraq, Libya or Lebanon.

This fact requires everyone to stand up to such sabotage. Indeed, a just ruler is the one who, sometimes with tyranny, is just like a surgeon who amputates a sick part of a person’s body to protect the rest of the body.

We all saw what happened on “Black Wednesday” when a group of citizens stormed the National Assembly and tampered with it. Despite the horror of the act outside any democratic framework, the judiciary dealt with the case with all integrity and transparency. It was merciful to those who were deceived and limited the responsibility to their leaders who fled abroad, after the ruling of justice. Today they are seeking to impose what is called a comprehensive amnesty in order to return to their first sabotage.

Sometimes democracy needs an evaluation, especially when there are extremist dark groups that use religion to hide their conspiracies, take advantage of any mercy shown by the ruler under the illusion that this is weak, and increase their rebellion. Therefore, an enlightened dictatorship is a necessity to impose the prestige of the state and preserve society. This is what Kuwait needs today, so that it does not become an arena for chaos, and to adhere to one voice as the basis for confronting those who are seeking to take Kuwait into a tunnel of ruin.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 23618 times!

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