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Dictator doctor … people’s enemy No. 1?

Ancient Greeks were the first people to use the term ‘people’s enemy number one’, and was followed by the Romans and other peoples. Such term was used extensively during the French Revolution, followed by the Soviet Revolution, and most of the oppressive regimes that launched it on their enemies.

In the modern era, the most famous one who obtained it is the American billionaire John Rockefeller, whose multiple monopolies in the first half of the last century caused the bankruptcy of hundreds of oil and transport companies and others, but he atoned for his actions and his famous stinginess, subsequently with a wide human generosity, and from which he donated the land on which the United Nations building currently stands in New York.

Some people recently ‘bestowed’ this title on the Minister of Health, Dr the dictator, Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah, when his decisions caused the suspension of business and the collapse of institutions, the bankruptcy of restaurant, tourism and travel companies, and the loss of tens of thousands of their entire savings, and weakened their jobs, and this made him in the eyes of many ‘The enemy No 1 of the people’.

The truth is otherwise. The measures the minister has resorted to — and the beginning was in the complete closure of the state, and the complete cessation of life — were necessary, and they made the health situation better than in many countries. Out of a million and a half swabs have been taken and 160,000 infections were recorded 153,000 of them recovered, but the number of Covid victims has not reached a thousand deaths so far, and it will often remain within this rate, and this is an achievement.

I therefore believe that the Minister of Health, and the assistant undersecretaries involved in drug prevention and control do deserve praise with some reservations that are often due to looking at matters from my angle, which may be different from that of the decision-maker.

The responsibility of the Ministry of Health is to preserve lives, and he has succeeded in that, and the minister is therefore not concerned with the issue of trade, industry and tourism as they are within the responsibility of other institutions, or rather the Council of Ministers, which can stop health measures and bypass them, if it wishes to.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization played a vital role during the “Corona epidemic”, and without it, the disaster would have been much greater. Despite the Trump government’s withdrawal from the organization which deprived it of huge financial contributions, his government did not skimp on US pharmaceutical companies with support, giving them more than $11 billion, and the results were impressive.

Britain and other countries preferred to contribute to support the World Health Organization and donated 700 million dollars, followed by Canada with 246 million, the Bill and Melinda Gates charitable fund with 156 million, and Saudi Arabia with 153 million and Kuwait with 10 million dollars.

All these donations and others show the world’s concern for the need to find a protective vaccine for this epidemic, after it has so far claimed the lives of more than two million people, and some “jurists and wise academics” still warn citizens against taking the vaccine.

A final note: I hope the Minister of Health will speed up the amendment of the system for reserving the appointments for taking vaccinations, as the system is completely penetrated, the mediators are working, and the responsible official knows this well.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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