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Friday , February 3 2023

Diamonds go missing at the Kuwait International airport – Securityman pockets the bracelet

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KUWAIT CITY, July 7: At a time many passengers complained that valuable items were stolen from their luggage and the belief that such crimes do not occur in Kuwait, a security source from Kuwait International Airport revealed several such cases were registered recently at a police station in Farwaniya Governorate, reports Al- Anba daily.

The source confirmed these cases happened earlier in Kuwait but none of the victims filed a complaint. In one of the strangest incident at the airport, a security source disclosed that a rich female GCC national filed a complaint at the police station saying her diamond bracelet worth KD 10,000 was stolen. In her complaint, the woman narrated she was traveling to her home country and when she passed through the body search machine, a securityman asked her to remove her bracelet due to the sound emitting from the machine. She told the officer that the cause of the sound is known so there is no reason for her to remove the bracelet, but he insisted. After removing the bracelet and completing the inspection procedures, the woman boarded the airplane and then she remembered that she forgot the bracelet.

Upon arrival in her country, she called a relative who is a member of the diplomatic corps and asked him to go to the airport to ask about the bracelet. However, the airport personnel told the relative that she should file a complaint and then she accused the securityman stationed at the body search machine. The CCTV recordings showed that the securityman put the bracelet in his pocket after the passenger left to board the plane. However, he denied the accusation when he was summoned for investigation. A case was registered and investigations are still ongoing.

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