Dhaman ready to support MOH in testing expats

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KUWAIT CITY, May 18: Reliable sources in the Health Insurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN) affirmed the company’s readiness to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health to solve the overcrowding crisis experienced in the expatriate medical test centers, reports Al-Rai daily.

They stressed that the Dhaman company has more than 122 medical staff members including doctors and nurses, and approximately 453 technical and administrative personnel to support the operations of the company and the state’s health sector.

They explained that Dhaman previously presented several tangible initiatives to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health and the health sector in general, in the context of its expected role in enhancing the health security in the State of Kuwait with the Ministry of Health.

The company owns modern health centers in Hawally, Farwaniya and Dajeej areas. These centers are characterized with modern devices and equipment, large capacity, and the availability of large waiting areas that can accommodate about 700 people per day in order to provide health services to them according to the best quality standards required.

The company is studying the regulatory mechanism for providing health services, with the concerned authorities.

Regarding the controversy surrounding the overcrowding crisis in expatriate medical test centers as a result of the increase in requests for medical test appointments in the centers affiliated with the Ministry of Health in the current period, sources said the concerned authorities in the ministry could benefit from the services and capabilities of the centers of Dhaman, which is the entity that will provide integrated health insurance services to expatriates in the next phase.

They said, “In light of the system of services entrusted to Dhaman Company and covered by its health system, the expatriate medical test service is at the heart of its system, and among its basic tasks. This is based on the laws and government decisions regarding the establishment of the company, as stipulated in its articles of association and the company’s objectives.

These articles aim to provide integrated health services for expatriates, starting from the moment of submitting an application to come to Kuwait, and continuing throughout their stay there. The first stage of the company’s relationship with the expatriate begins in his country with the opening of a file, recording his data and medical history, and conducting the necessary medical tests. From there the healthcare services will continue in Kuwait if this person is healthy”.

The sources said they believe the contribution of Dhaman Company, if the Ministry of Health utilized its services, would significantly reduce the burden on the state and raise the level of service for citizens and expatriates.

In the context, those concerned with health affairs said they believe the use of Dhaman Company’s centers will greatly reduce pressure faced in the expatriate medical test centers and improve the quality of the service provided, in consideration of the daily arrival of hundreds of expatriates to the medical test centers affiliated with the Ministry of Health, and the long period that laboratories need for the results to be analyzed.

They added that it will speed up the issuance of the results and their delivery to the employers of expatriate workers, companies and citizens, adding, “This will have many positive health effects in terms of reassuring the safety of the clients and their readiness to start their work faster, as well as sorting out those who are unfit and need to leave the country within a shorter period of time in order to prevent the spread of some contagious diseases that they may carry”.

This news has been read 23326 times!

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