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‘Despite few workers, we are doing best to keep high level of hygiene in Kuwait’

‘Persons who fled Jleeb, Mahboula caught, returned’

KUWAIT CITY, April 19: At a time when the Director General of Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al- Manfouhi revealed an integrated mechanism instituted for the cleaning companies to work in the event of a comprehensive ban, including methods of waste reclamation, the Municipality announced that next Sunday has been officially set to receive all building transactions via electronic system, which includes the issuance of engineering license, supervision undertakings and electricity connections.

This was gathered in a recent meeting held online via the conference app “Zoom” and chaired by the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Walid Al-Jassem with Al-Manfouhi and all the municipal leaders.

Al-Manfouhi affirmed the resumption of services to facilitate the completion of construction transactions electronically without difficulty after the forced interruption of employee hours, in line with the country’s exceptional status quo, and the need for social separation to avoid the spread of the new corona virus.

In statements issued on the sidelines of the meeting, Al-Manfouhi revealed that “cleaning workers are doing extra job cleaning the quarantine centers, though their activities are unknown to many, offset by the municipality’s keenness not to compromise the level of hygiene in the regions.” He mentioned two types of landfills; the first one belonging to the Ministry of Health and the second affiliated to the Municipality, which is for household waste.

He stressed that Kuwait Municipality, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, was able to return the workers that left Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Mahboula regions, through the intensification of field campaigns. Al-Manfouhi reaffirmed, “The aim of the meeting was to activate the electronic system to complete some transactions, and they agreed that next Sunday will be set for issuing building licenses, supervision and electricity connections, followed by the completion of transactions electronically, according to the current conditions. ”

He pointed to an integrated coordination between the Ministry of Health and the Council of Ministers regarding the application of the mechanisms used in all transactions related to the Municipality in an effort to facilitate progress of the transaction, especially as the Municipality has taken progressive measures in line with the nature of the existing situation, besides the engineering teams of the Municipality working from homes via those electronic systems.”
He said the decision to link the electronic systems and the extension of licenses of consultancy firms was due to the expiration of engineering licenses for some offices, which led to the issuance of letters and decisions related to the three months extension, provided that the licenses can be renewed temporarily or officially when the crisis ends.

On how the Municipality deals with cleaning companies in light of the crisis, he mentioned an important point many do not know, saying the cleaning workers are doing additional work at quarantine centers to raise their outputs; therefore, the number of workers have decreased in general “yet we are working extensively not to reduce the level of hygiene in the regions, knowing we have developed an integrated plan in this regard in the event of a comprehensive ban that includes the mechanism of work for cleaning companies, in addition to the method of waste reclamation”.

He indicated the issue of stopping slaughterhouses, as well as fish and livestock markets from carrying out their activities was in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Health carried in its content (speed of closure), and the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition notified the Municipality recently that about the provisions of articles of law showing the jurisdiction of the halls in the slaughterhouses is with the authority.

Therefore, the Municipality directed a letter confirming what was stated in their notification and notifying them of the letter of the Ministry of Health, which referred to preventing service to the public.

On the reason for intensifying inspection tours in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Mahboula regions, he considered the measures started in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior as a result of the exit of some workers from the two regions to private housing areas.

He stressed that many of those who went out were brought back as a result of the intensification of inspection and field campaigns

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