Designation and Salary change – Will I loose my Driving License?

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Currently I am holding a driving licence. My designation is ‘Mandoop Mubiyath’. My salary is KD 600 in work permit, and I am a university graduate. I have been here in Kuwait since 2015. I am changing my job, basic salary they can put in my work permit is KD 350. But, my new company can provide the same designation as before. In this case, do I loose my licence?

Name withheld

Answer: You got your licence not on the basis of your designation but for the fact that at the time of applying for the licence you met the salary requirement. With a minimum monthly salary of KD 350 in your new company, we are afraid that you will loose your driving licence as that amount is for below the minimum of KD 600 required.

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This news has been read 29050 times!

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