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Thursday , February 9 2023

Deputy Amir … you are a decisive trustee

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Deputy Amir and Crown Prince of Kuwait His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah spoke decisively and firmly, despite his calm tone, when he addressed the people of Kuwait to put matters into perspective.

His Highness drew a roadmap to tackle the challenges that the country is facing today, especially the abnormal practices that the people of this country have been enduring, rendering them to feel for a moment that those entrusted with protecting their welfare have transgressed and became a source of danger for them.

People are now feeling a sense of reassurance after His Highness refused aspects of spying on people, but some strive to stir up sedition.

Freedom of opinion and speech in this country has never been a tool to humiliate and denigrate people of dignity. Hence, everything that the country has witnessed in the recent period represents a blatant attempt to undermine the established democratic approach and destabilize the national consensus inherited generation after generation.

Throughout Kuwait’s history whether in the era of the emirates or the modern state, Kuwait never experienced such gross actions that violate the simplest rules of morality, our culture, social covenant and the national spirit that we were brought up with for the past three centuries.

Therefore, for His Highness the Deputy Amir to give this matter his special attention and address the sensitive issue in a manner that confirms that actions will be taken against the perpetrators did not come as a surprise for those who know the personality of His Highness the Crown Prince and his firm resolution to confront head-on everything that causes anxiety and tension to the people of this country.

Everyone on this land is certain about His Highness’ determination to fight injustice and those who deem themselves capable of abusing their authorities to create rift and cause division in the society – the ones who think they can subjugate the people of this country and impose their own will and desires on everyone.

There is no doubt that this crime is a manifestation of corruption that tarnishes the image of Kuwait and its people. His Highness had emphasized that everyone is required to be up to the national responsibility, and anyone who breaks the law should face justice regardless of whether that person is from the ruling family or not, and despite the position or status the person holds.

His Highness’ words reassure us that Kuwait is still well, and there is no need to worry because of a watchful eye safeguarding its democratic process for which we have no alternative. Therefore, the bet is currently on the two authorities – legislative and executive – to stop bickering, and instead devote themselves to implementing His Highness the Deputy Amir’s instructions.

The situation is critical, and it allows neither setting nor settling of unnecessary scores while our homeland is under threat.

Throughout his career in public service, we have known His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad to be a man who fulfills his promises. Therefore, in order for everyone to live up to their patriotism, they should recognize and understand the banner that has been raised to express the pearl of sincerity and work.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times