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Deportation of a family without source of income

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KUWAIT CITY, May 29: Six family members of Jordanian nationality Father, mother and 4 children aged 7, 5 and 3 and a infant less than a  year were deported back to Jordan according to Article 16  of the Foreigners Residence Law which grants the security authorities to deport an expat  in the event  if there is no source of income for living, and Article 17 of same law states to deport who are living on support of same sponsor. 

During the harsh conditions of the pandemic period this Jordanian family went through hardships as both parents lost their jobs who were working in the private sector leaving them without a source of livelihood or shelter. They had to sleep on the Shuwaikh beach area using public toilets. 

After receiving a complaint about a family sleeping in the open when security personnels approached the family when they were in deep sleep. To the surprise of security the family used to sleep in this place for more than two months.

Both husband and wife had lost their jobs and had no money to pay the rent for the apartment hence due to accumulation of rent they had to vacate their apartment in which they lived. Initially they spent their lives sleeping in their vehicle, but when their vehicle broke down they had to sleep on the beach, reports Al Rai. Sympathetic people felt pity on their condition and supported them with food and drinks. There were no cases on them and were having a valid residence. 

When administration of MOI was informed a decision was taken to deport the family as they had no source of income in accordance to Foreigners Residence Law.

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