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Friday , September 17 2021

Deportation for Expat forging consumer loan certificates and selling for 100 KD each

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 15: An Arab expatriate was referred to deportation center after he was caught red-handed by the general department of criminal investigation for selling certificates stating that there are no consumer loans, which allows Kuwaiti citizens to take additional loans which leads them to default in paying what they owe.

According to a security source, information received that there is a person offering certificates of consumer loans on social media to present these certificates to banks. He was charging 100 dinars per certificate.

The source said that one of the CID officer was assigned to deal with the accused and agree with him to purchase a certificate, as the amount provided all the information he wanted, such as name, civil ID number, etc. The source added, while delivering the certificate to the CID officer he was arrested to which he admitted that he was forging these certificates and had seals to print the certificates. Orders were issued to deport him and ban him from entering into Kuwait again.

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